Our Most Asked Questions and The Answers!

At BARE by Karma Sutton we take pride in the making of all our products. We deeply care for our customers and are eager to answer any questions they may have about our all natural skin care line.

Ever wondered what our most asked questions are?

Here are BARE by Karma Sutton’s top 3 most asked questions and the answers!


  1. Do you have any soap to help out with eczema?

  • YES!! We would not be a great skin care line if we did not have a product people with eczema. The bar we suggest is our Oatmeal Milk and Honey Face and Body bar. This bar contains all natural oatmeal, goats milk and raw honey all ingredients help bring moisture to the skin and will have your skin feeling soft to the touch.


     2. I’m more of a body wash person. When will BARE by Karma Sutton introduce body washes to their line?

  • BARE by Karma Sutton is currently working on adding a few body washes to the line. Body washes will begin to be introduced within the next 1-2 months. Maybe even sooner!


     3. I break out a lot and get pimples. Which BARE bar would you highly recommend?



   Will BARE by Karma Sutton have products available in stores or have their own store front?

  • YES!! We are currently working on getting our products to stores near you. If you know a location where you would like BARE by Karma Sutton to be stocked, feel free to contact us! (click here)