BARE by Karma Sutton will be launching soon! BARE by Karma Sutton is an all natural handmade skin care line that is custom made to a persons skin type. The current skin types our bars cater to are oily, dry, sensitive, acne prone, normal and combination skin types. In the future, BARE by Karma Sutton plans to expand on products and adding another skin type choice for mature skin type. The products are made with all natural ingredients eliminating the harsh chemicals many soaps on the market contain. Each bar works with you rather than against you. Our products are currently made to order by Karma Sutton and her team, with that being said, BARE by Karma Sutton will constantly have fresh bars made for purchase.

      BARE by Karma Sutton currently has face and body bars that can be used on the body in the shower, as a face wash/scrub, or both! The bars are unique in how each bar is custom to skin type because at BARE by Karma Sutton we do not believe in “ONE SIZE FITS ALL”. Each of our bars work with one another to provide the buyer the best results possible, so using multiple bars will not interfere with the job of the other bars being used. Each online order contains recommended weekly usage for your skin type as well as how we customized your order. The reason for this is so each person can see exactly how their bar is created to fit them personally.

Sample orders can be purchased (shipping and handling included) to test our products with certain skin types.

Bars are currently $5.50 plus S&H and can be purchased at

Check out our ABOUT US page to see the history on how the company was created!! Also check out our products to see how it can fit into your weekly skincare routine.

Now Ask Yourself……...DO YOU DARE TO BE BARE?